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Dr. Shailashree Nanjundiah

Dr. Nanjundiah (Nan-jun-dye-ah), also known as Dr. Shaila, is among the tiny number of professionals in the country who is dual certified in both Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, a qualification that enables her to provide unparalleled service to her patients. Dr. Nanjundiah specializes in swallowing disorders in adults, hearing aids, auditory training, and complicated communication disorders in both adults and children.

She is one of the few trained experts in diagnosing central auditory processing disorders (CAPD). She brings extensive experience of over 20 years to her speech and hearing practice. The true benefit of her private outpatient clinic is the ability to offer unhurried personalized therapeutic intervention unconstrained by the limits imposed by third party payers or the competing demands of in-patients in a hospital setting.

Dr. Nanjundiah is a proud member of the following associations:


After meeting with Shaila and having my hearing aids reprogrammed, everything is going very well. I am very satisfied and pleased with her level of service. Although any of these devices will never give 100%, Shaila’s expertise and interest in getting it right makes a big difference in allowing people like me to hear better. I very much appreciate her dedication and look forward to working with her in the future.

– Robert Malanga

I strongly recommend Dr. Shaila Nanjundiah for any hearing problems as my Hearing capacity has improved a lot with level of care and patience showed by her. Now I’m able to SMILE : )
by Mr. V T S Rajagoplan

– Sugantha Srinivasan

I have searched for years to help my son with eating issues that began early in his life. We have been to some of the biggest hospitals and visited some of the best doctors on the east coast. However we ended our search for help when we started going to Audiopedics. Dr. Nanjundiah knew exactly what my son’s issues were and knew exactly how to address them. If you are looking for solutions to your speech related issues than she is definitely the person to see! I cannot thank her enough for her help she changed my life and my sons.

– Marilee Duryea

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