Hearing Aids

Get in the Driver’s Seat and Take Control of Your Hearing.

The hearing aid market is full of options for patients who have varying types of hearing loss. At Keystone Medical Group, our goal is to help you determine which device will best meet your needs.

Hearing aids come in many shapes, sizes, and colors for people of all ages. While hearing aids cannot completely restore normal hearing, they can dramatically improve your hearing by amplifying soft sounds to help you hear sounds that you have had trouble hearing.

Perhaps you have thought about getting a hearing aid (or two), but you are worried about how it will look or whether it will really help. Today’s hearing aids are so advanced that there are a variety of features between hearing aid styles and brands. As technology has increased in the field of hearing aids, so have the options and availability.

We will help you decide which hearing aid style and brand will be best for your hearing health! This can range from styles that allow manual adjustments all the way to hearing aids that adjust for you.

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I’d been aware of my hearing loss for some time but my ongoing research into hearing aids (HA) only caused me added concern because of the cost and apparent risk of a less than satisfying outcome. Then, about 6 months ago, I met Dr Nanjundiah. Unlike some other HA professionals with whom I’d interacted, she’s not only clearly qualified in both hearing and speech, she’s an excellent communicator who answers any and all questions I may have in the same open and honest way. An important step for me was being able to take advantage of the opportunity to try a loaner pair. While not inexpensive, they cost less than I expected. In addition, her interest in my success with them did not diminish with the sale. I’m not one to recommend to anyone restaurants let alone health related professionals because my unique experience may not in fact be representative of everyone’s. However, I have no reservations recommending Audiopedics and Dr Nanjundiah to anyone with an apparent need for hearing aids.

– Paul D Patent

Hearing Aids Can Instantly Change Your Life.