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"Personalized Intervention"
Audiological and Speech Therapy Clinical Services Available for Both Adult and Pediatric Patients Include
Speech Therapy Services
  1. School and other Institutional Speech advocacy and screening
  2. Central Auditory Processing Disorders- evaluation and therapy
  3. Provide Listening Program, Fast Forward and Earobics for auditory processing and language comprehension
  4. Speech language therapy for a range of problems not limited to developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration deficits and articulation disorders
  5. Dysphagia (swallowing disorders) evaluation and therapy including vital stimulation (electrical stimulation)
Audiological Clinical Services
  1. Choice of programmable digital hearing aids from multiple manufacturers
  2. Comprehensive tinnitus management
  3. Tympanometric evaluation of middle ear infections and ear problems
  4. Otoacoustic emission (inner-ear) testing
  5. Custom made molds for swimmers and ear plugs for musicians
  6. School and other Institutional Hearing evaluation
  7. Hearing aid re-programming and service