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"Personalized Intervention"
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
WELCOME -Ms.Akila Rajappa, MS (Speech-Language Pathologist)
9:15 AM
INTRODUCTION -Dr.Shailashree Nanjundiah,(Speech Pathologist and Audiologist)
9:30 AM
Understanding Mechanics of Singing
Basic anatomy & physiology of singing,
Physical attributes in singing,
Voice use in singing.
11:00 AM
Break time
11:15 AM
Voice care - Hygienic Voice Therapy
Vocal diet
Voice misuse and abuse - methods to overcome,
Voice Care
12:15 pm
Lunch Break
1.15 pm
Videos and discussion on functions of Larynx (voice box)
Stroboscopic videos of Vocal folds while speaking & singing
Stroboscopic videos of voice disorders
Treatment of voice
2:00 pm
Breathing and Vocal Function Exercises for singers
Understanding the basis for voice exercises,
Learning the voice exercise protocol
Guided practice and demonstration
4:00 pm
Wrap up and concluding note
Vote of thanks- Mr.Ravishankar (AIM MEMBER)
Day 2:
Individual voice assessment & counseling (by appointments at Audiopedics, LLC)